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Winner from the Ohio Township 5K Walk & Run / Kids Fun Run

15 Sep

Congratulations to Bernadette H. – Complimentary Week of Chiropractic Care

Event Location:
Ohio Township Community Park
Saturday, September 10, 2011

The race started at the entrance to the Nature Center Parking Lot.  It went around the track at the park and up the hill then make a left onto Nicholson Road, turn right on Cypress Knoll Drive (Diamond Run), left onto Sebago Lake Drive, right onto Alaqua Drive, and a right onto Laurel Oak Drive.  The final stretch began by taking a left back onto Nicholson Road, a right through Lenzner’s Court, right onto Ridge Road, a left back onto Nicholson Road, a left back into the park. Then runners proceeded down the hill and the race will end in the outer track across from the pavilion at the park.


Cervicocranial Syndrome – One of the Many Headache and Neck Pain Culprits

23 Aug

Dr. Steve can help


Cervicocranial symptoms include vertigo (dizziness), cephalea (headache), tinnitus (ringing ears), facial pain, otalgia (earache), dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), pain of the carotid artery (neck area).  A lot of people experience a dull, constant throbbing at the base of the skull. This condition may be worsened by movement of the head and neck.  It is caused by subluxated (dysfunctional) vertebrae in the neck and/or  misaligned cranial bones.


Treatment consists of specific chiropractic adjustments to the area at the base of the skull, the neck, and/or upper back. The treatment may also require additional supportive therapy to improve a patients health, but it is case dependent.  Additional supportive therapies include but are not limited to trigger point therapy, doctor-assisted stretching techniques, and postural training.

“I have never been in an accident or hurt so…WHY DOES IT HAPPEN?”

Trauma to the area can be both acute (as a result of car accidents, falls, and/or blows to the head) and chronic (sedentary work i.e. elmentary to post-graduate students, years of football practice, nursing or long-wearing such as holding baby in arms, etc.).