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Perform your best with Chiropractic

7 Oct















Article borrowed from Medscape Medical News:

Chiropractic Care Supports Olympic Athletics

Sept 29 Many US Olympic athletes striving for gold in Sydney, Australia, will be using a secret weapon to help achieve their goals chiropractic care. Many athletes use chiropractic not only for rehabilitation purposes, but also because they feel it gives them an edge in their competitions.

Dr. Andrew Klein, the official chiropractor for the 2000 US Olympic medical staff, identified a key reason why athletes have taken to chiropractic: it keeps them in top shape without the use of drugs. “Athletes have come to rely on manual therapy because the list of banned substances (for the Olympics) is so long, and also because they feel it enhances their performance.”

Nicole Freedman of Stanford, California, qualified for the 2000 US Olympic squad as a cyclist at the Olympic Team trials in Jackson, Mississippi, after being adjusted by American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA’s) Mississippi delegate Dr. Alfred Norville. Freedman penned a note to Dr. Norville, thanking him for his “winning adjustment.” Dr. Norville explained, “[Freedman] told me that she thought she needed an adjustment to be at her peak [performance level]. So I gave her an adjustment, and she went on to qualify for the Olympics.”

Dr. Jan Corwin, a past president of ACA’s Council on Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness, became the first doctor of chiropractic to travel overseas with the US Olympic Team in 1988, when he represented the chiropractic profession in Seoul, Korea. The athletes in Seoul were delighted with the chiropractic care they received.

Dr. Corwin said, “They were totally into it. I had so many patients while I was there, I didn’t even have time to eat. By the time I left Seoul I had lost 12 pounds.” Dr. Corwin went on to say, “At least 50% to 75% of all the athletes I treated had prior chiropractic care and were very aware of the benefits of chiropractic to them as athletes.” He suggested that chiropractic care “has been so successfully appreciated and received by the athletes because of all the chiropractors around the country who have been doing such a great job with the athletes in their offices on a daily basis.”

The roster of Olympic athletes who have benefited from chiropractic care is truly impressive. Star performers such as Carl Lewis, Greg Louganis, Willi Banks, Edwin Moses, and countless other greats from previous Olympics have taken advantage of chiropractic in order to get a leg up on their competition.

ACA member Dr. Steven Horwitz served as the chiropractic physician for the U.S. Olympic medical staff at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. Dr. Horwitz found his helping the athletes and the appreciation they showed for his work to be the most rewarding elements about the time he gave to the U.S. team. Sheila Taormina, 1996 U.S. Swimming 4×200 gold medallist, and Marisa Pedulla of the U.S. Judo Team, each took the time to write to Dr. Horwitz and thank him for the care he gave them. He explained that the athletes in Atlanta were so excited about the chiropractic care available to them that, “They wanted to be sure I was there for the American athletes only.” They said to him, “We fought hard to get you here, and we don’t want to give an advantage to the other athletes.”


Sleep Easy…Its time to get rid of those bad dreams.

30 Aug

By gently correcting somatic dysfunction in a child’s spine, both spinal cord tension and nerve irritation alleviates, and changes are observable in all aspects of life.  The case study listed below demonstrates a common and interesting connection between body and brain (mind), specifically by influencing a somato-psychic response.  Because the somato-psychic connection is innate, adults may potentially benefit as well .

Objective:  To report on improvement in headaches and sleep disturbances in an adolescent female undergoing chiropractic care to correct vertebral subluxations (joint dysfunctions inhibiting optimum nervous system function).

Clinical Features:  A female adolescent with recurring headaches and parasomnia (night terrors) presented for chiropractic care.  The headaches and sleep disturbances had a negative affect on her academics, sports, and social life.  Upon examination, she had abnormal postural findings indicating cervical, thoracic, and lumbar subluxations.

Intervention and Outcome:   The patient was evaluated for postural abnormalities and palpatory muscle hypertonicity, segmental edema, and kinesiopathology during each visit.  Postural abnormalities and associated vertebral subluxations were corrected using specific hands on adjusting techniques for a one month period.  There was a reduction in headache symptoms and complete resolution of parasomnia (night terrors) following the start of treatment.

Conclusion:  Sleep disturbances in children are common and often develop without explanation.   To date, there are few interventions that help alleviate the negative affects of interrupted sleep on a child’s daily activities.  Vertebral subluxation should be considered when a child is experiencing neuromusculoskeletal symptoms and sleep disturbances of otherwise unknown origin.  More research is warranted to explore the benefits of chiropractic care in cases of parasomnia and sleep disturbances.


Resolution of Night Terrors & Headaches in an Adolescent Female Undergoing Chiropractic Care.  Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – Chiropractic ~ Volume 2011 ~ Issue 2 ~ Pages 43-49

And the winners are…

15 Aug

Third Prize – “Align Your Life”  T-shirt.

WINNER – J. Dominquez

Second Prize – Two Pirates Tickets vs. Houston Astros on 09/07/2011,

Two Pittsburgh Flag Stickers, and Pirates Auto Freshener

WINNER – R. Palmer

Grand Prize – Complimentary Week of Chiropractic Care

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WINNER – L. Kastan

Congratulations to all the winners!

 Winners will be notified via phone. 

Thank you to everyone that took the time to learn more about Chiropractic and how it can improve your overall health.

Another huge thank you goes out to Sewickley United Methodist Church for giving us ability to provide spinal screenings to the community.


10 Aug

Get “Tiger Vision” Today

22 Jul

Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods starts and ends trends throughout the world.  For instance lets take a look at Nike.  Without Tiger, Nike would have never made such an impact on the golf world nor would Nike have been able to do the following:

Researchers estimated that, purely in regards to golf balls, Nike’s agreement  with Tiger resulted in 4.5 million customers over the last ten years.

In the six months after news of Woods’ scandal broke, Nike lost 105,000  customers. But those customers did not seek other brands as the entire golf ball  industry lost $7.5 million in profits.

“Although several major sponsors cut ties with Tiger Woods — Nike did not,” said Timothy Derdenger, as assistant  professor that helped conduct the study. “So we examined the net effect on  Nike’s sales and market share. What we found is that by maintaining their  relationship with Tiger Woods, Nike’s overall profit in golf ball sales was $1.6  million greater than it would have been without him.”

-Food for Thought –

 If golfers emulate Tiger Woods in form, attire, and equipment; then ALL golfers should be under Chiropractic care.

Tiger Woods and Chiropractic –

“Being a Chiropractic patient has really helped me a lot.  When I was in a growth spurt, my back became very sore, and I was weak.  My chiropractor really helped me.  Not only did he adjust my spine, he also gave me strengthening exercises to do…I would recommend chiropractic.”

Let’s not only improve our game, let’s improve our lives with chiropractic; not to mention, the amount of money you’ll save from losing fewer balls to hazards.

Increase your Golf Swing!

18 Jul

Study shows Chiropractic care can improve your golf swing better than stretching.  A recent study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine evaluated the benefits of chiropractic treatment (spinal manipulative therapy) and golf performance.  Half of the participants received Chiropractic adjustments to dysfunctional spinal segments and as a result, they experienced improvements in full-swing performance.  Study participants that did not receive Chiropractic care displayed zero improvement.

Dysfunctional or subluxated spinal segments that are not corrected will continue inhibit sport performance as well as overall bodily function.


Effect of spinal manipulative therapy with stretching compared with stretching alone on full-swing performance of golf players: a randomized pilot trial.  Soraya M.V. Costa DC, Yumi E.T. Chibana DC, Leandro Giavarotti PhD, Débora S. Compagnoni DC,  Adriana H. Shiono DC,  Janice Satie DCand Eduardo S.B. Bracher MD, DC. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2009, Pages 165-170.

Give and Receive

5 Jul